mimicri celebrates its »DEBUT«

The first mimicri collection introduces itself.

mimicri - mimicri celebrates its »DEBUT«

Illustration by Anuschka Rattunde

From 8th until 14th April 2019, mimicri presents its first collection »mimicri DEBUT« in the Brera design district of Milan on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019. Four bags [design: Bastian Müller], three fashion pieces and one accessory [design: Melanie Tryboll] transformed into innovative everyday companions for her and him. For at home and away. What they all have in common: a minimalist shape and unique aesthetics, coined by the mimicry pattern. This is made possible through GRDXKN®, an unprecedented textile printing technique based on silk-screen printing.

mimicri products are like hybrids; they are transformable and can therefore be used for all sorts of applications. Bag »MUC«, for example, securely stores documents or a tablet on the way to the office, but transforms into an unusual clutch as a companion in the evening.

mimicri fashion pieces are made of very pleasant and light cotton jersey that falls nicely and keeps its shape. mimicri clothes are machine-washable. mimicri bags are waterproof thanks to the mimicry print. Should the fabric get wet due to rain, for example, the contents stay dry nonetheless.

The first mimicry pattern was inspired by an overlapping hexagon. This unique print is artistic yet functional. For example, foldable sleeves are created on the »EME« dress and hoodie »NUE«’s collar sits particularly well. Still curious.

mimicri - mimicri celebrates its »DEBUT«